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Service d'aménagement paysager en Estrie
Aménagement paysager étang artificiel


A perfect interior decor in your home is beautiful! With your landscaping, it will be even more beautiful! According to the local climate, the elevation of your land, the shadowy or illuminated areas, it is possible to combine a multitude of ideas. Imagine a place where the flowers color a well-balanced design. Everything is harmonious: the colors, scents and sounds through the sound of dripping water.

From the smallest to the largest field, almost everything is possible! 

Paysage SR inc. can do your water garden, waterpool and waterfall, patio, sidewalk, pool and spa space layout, stairslow wall, vehicular entrance, carved cedar fence, natural rock steps, artificial lake layout rockery and flowerbed, etc !

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Your development is several years old and has become ineffective? We can do a complete overhaul! Whether it is to place your slab, stair step, low wall or an extension of your existing development, everything is possible. 

Entrepreneur revitalisation de berge

Revitalization of the shore

Shore revitalization is often necessary for properties with a waterfront. It helps to counter the problems of erosion, cyanobacteria, prevailing winds, etc.

It also brings beauty to your access to water while reviving the ecosystem of lakes and rivers.

For additional information see this section:

Entrepreneur aménagement paysager


Several steps are necessary in realizing a well-balanced landscaping. First, we look at the plan of your land then we take the elevation levels of the area to rearrange.  

We must also assess the drainage of all the elements. This is crucial to have a design that ages well. Plants like well-drained soil, but that is not too dry. A patio should not have too much slope but just enough to drain the water. The low walls must be fully drained as well.

We pay particular attention to the foundations. They are the basis of your landscaping. Depending on the type of your soil, we will adapt the type of foundation required to withstand the weather.

Everything is ready for the final step. We do the laying everything visible: stone, cobblestone, stair step, flowerbed. It is then that all comes to life.

implatation lac muret grosse roche pour


Whether for small or large projects, Paysage SR inc. will ensure that you have a foundation that respects the standards by using the best materials and proceeding with constant supervision of the workers by the building contractor.


Your foundation will be well-located, well-leveled, well-compacted and well-maintained, with the existing elements on your property. Our work will be of a sustainable quality and achieved within the expected deadlines.

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Relocation of small buildings

During our first visit to the customer, we often find that a building’s contruction is not well located, for example a shed or a playground sets for kids. Following the development of the plan, we suggest the optimal positions and we can take care of moving a structure, at little cost. Paysage SR inc. has all the equipment and experience necessary to make these moves.

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Green roofs

The stakes of the environment are important!

You have an environmental conscience and love greenery. Why not add some greenery on your roof? If you have a flat or low slope roof, there is always the option of green roofs. A well-designed green roof is very durable. It will help temper your home by reducing air conditioning and heating costs, not to mention the eyes of your neighbors and friends who will admire your efforts for the environment. Your roof could look like a magnificent flower bed.

Our team of landscapers is based in Estrie Eastern Townships. We operate mainly in the municipalities of Sherbrooke Weedon Disraeli Lac Aylmer Cookshire East Angus Magog and Lac Mégantic.

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