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Aménagement de berges de cours d'eau en Estrie Cantons-de-l'Est

Do you own a waterfront residence?


Do you have prevailing wind problems or do you want to redevelop your bank to fight cyanobacteria?

Bring new life to the banks and avoid erosion.

Whether you experience erosion issues, soil destabilization, strong winds or simply wish to make you bank greener we can advise you in the choice of plants; entrust your project to real experts in landscaping and redevelopment of the banks of a lake, pond, stream or river.

You will be able to benefit from our expertise, which guarantees you a sustainable work in harmony with nature. While simplifying potential conflicts with your city or the Ministry of the Environment, we can produce a plan that will be approved by the authorities. You will be able to fully enjoy your residence and your shore while respecting nature.

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