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Durable and beautiful, the stone stairs or the prefabricated stone-like concrete stairs are timeless.

On a slope, the stairway is needed to connect the various levels of your layout.

An expert eye will allow you to align carefully the different kinds of materials, stone, concrete or wood to get a more successful result! 

Natural stone is a great choice on a long term perspective. With inserts of green moss, your steps lying in the shadow will become more beautiful as they age. Your visitors will believe they have always been there.


The prefabricated stone-like concrete stairs have the benefit of a more even finish and are generally more affordable. Their aspect is so natural and skillfully put together that you will enjoy the layout for many years.

A very interesting way to enhance the stairs of your home is to cover your old steps with stone. Here's an example BEFOR/AFTER :

Avant - Après Installation d'un Escalier en Pierres Naturelles
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