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By adding a waterpool to your landscaping, you change the soundscape and visual environment; you get a favorable area to relax at the edge of a stream. This is pure relaxation! The sound of water soothes us.

There are several types of waterpool. Most of the time, we built a pool with waterproof canvas covered with rustic rocks; it gives a very natural look. We can also add a filter marsh upstream to an existing lake with a creek unifying the two to or simply integrate the filter marsh to islands of aquatic vegetation. For a very contemporary style, we can make a retaining wall with a facade of rocks crossed by a waterfall falling into a pool of water.


A pond or a water pool on your property is really beautiful! But it is so much more beautiful with a creek upstream your pond or water pool and a beautiful waterfall flowing into your water. This creates a unique, relaxing and very friendly environment. A waterfall at home, this is not a dream; it is done quite easily if you have a proper ground.

First, if applicable, we must locate the rocks, large strains, pipes, and septic systems to determine the correct site for your fall or water pool. Afterwards, we can plan your layout.

Water is life. Whether it is a powerful waterfall or a small stream bordered with flowers, a beautiful terrace with water nearby, a lake with a beautiful waterfall or even a waterfall which falls into your pool; water refreshes us forever.

The presence of water greatly enhances the atmosphere given by your landscaping. You will feel to live more calmly. A plantation well integrated with nature and a stream running through you residence will give you the impression of being on vacation.

Do you wish to enjoy a large body of water? Are you interested in an artificial lake on your land? See our section Artificial lake layout  

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