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You have a variety of different product choices to choose from that will suit the style of your home.

The production of low walls is ideal for transforming a part of your unusable land into a viable, functional and pleasant place. We can make landings and thus integrate plantation islands as well as steps to facilitate the use of the outdoor living space. It offers you a range of choices of different products that adapt to the style of your home. Several colors, textures, dimensions and caps allow different choices to meet your needs according to your style and taste. This is the main advantage of the prefabricated low stone wall.

Paysage SR inc. respects the standards of the APPQ (Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Québec) and the manufacturers to assure you a professional, fast and effective installation for a long-lasting result in time and with the best guarantee in the field.

Here are photos of different jobs on worksite:


Mur de soutènement en chantier.

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